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Mobile App development

Mobile App Development!

We are an international team based in Vienna, Austria, that takes care of mobile app development. Backend solutions and CMS websites with interfaces or connection to mobile devices via REST services are part of our field of activity, as well as design and implementation of your idea from paper. We are also happy to modify existing, older websites to make them user-friendly on modern mobile devices.
Your idea, our know-how - we do not simply program your app, but we advise you with the goal of linking your idea with the current trends of the Internet age, because your product should ultimately be able to hold its own in the individual market stores. Our team consists of international specialists from the Netherlands, Germany, Vietnam, Cambodia and Austria. 

Mobile App Development at a fair price through the most modern tools!

For mobile app development we rely on Flutter, among others. The frameworks or view classes of the developer kits of the respective platforms (currently Apple iOS SDK and Google Android SDK, soon also Windows Phone) are directly addressed, the business logic is displayed via Javascript. This achieves largely identical performance compared to so-called "native apps". The decisive advantage is the cross-platform use of the "Model-View-Control" principle. With intelligent planning, code can be shared between the platforms by up to 90%. Development and support of such an app - especially if a release is planned for several platforms (e.g. iOS and Android) - is thus much more time-saving and thus more cost-efficient than using a "native app". With a well thought-out module system, platform-specific code from third-party providers can also be integrated (e.g. QR module, PDF viewer, ...).

Mobile App Development with Cordova, Ionic and React Native
A similar approach is taken by the Cordova/Phonegap project. This is an HTML5-Javascript-CSS combination, which is especially suitable for a smaller project, where no performance bottlenecks are expected, or a roll-out for all platforms and market stores apart from iOS and Android is also planned. Cordova is an actively developed open source project with supporters such as Adobe, Microsoft, ... and has numerous plugins that provide additional features tailored to the respective platform via a uniform interface, such as in-app purchases, local database (e.g. SQLite), file system access, QR code scanning, NFC functionality, Airplay, ...provide. Such a "web app" created with the board means of the web is packaged into a "native" container before it is published, and can then be published as a "native app" on the respective supported platforms.

A "native app" is based on the framework of the respective provider (e.g. Apple, Google, ...), and offers the comparatively best performance through the use of the platform-specific programming language (Objective-C/Swift, Java, .NET, ....), but is also more cost-inefficient in development and maintenance because code can only rarely be shared between the individual platforms.

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