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Meetup Cambodia, Kampot

Monday's Web development meetups in Kampot, Cambodia!

We organize one time a week, every Monday a Meetup on the topics: Web & Mobile App Development. Our agency is specialized in developing enterprise solutions with Drupal and mobile apps with Flutter. In our first two Meetups we gave an insight into Drupal, DevOps with Docker and DDEV. Frank Sochea, our lecturer from the university also gave an introduction to Flutter and the possibilities with Flutter. In the upcoming Meetups we will mainly talk about Drupal, current web technologies like REST, GraphQL, Angular, Vue.js, Mobile App Frameworks and much more. The meetups will take place every Thursday from 18:00 in our office and online. 

We are officially listed on and are happy that our group here in Cambodia is growing and more and more people are joining us. The goal is to build a strong and lively community of interested web developers, to exchange ideas, to network and to try out and learn new technologies together. Don't hesitate and visit one of our next Meetups. Register here for our next meetups

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