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UI/UX Designer
UX/UI Design

Sok Poeurn is from Phnom Penh, Cambodia and creates thoughtful designs, easy to use user experiences based on scientific data and facts. 

Contact Info
Phone : +855 96 533 83 13
Email :
Marketing, Web-Design, Mobile App Design
Malaysian Institute of Art, Bachelor degree, 2010
UX/UI Interfaces, Web-Design, Trainer

We need is from Phnom Penh, Cambodia and works in the field of: web design, mobile app design. She develops high quality UX designs and constantly attends trainings and orients her designs based on current user experience studies. 

Sok has worked for many years in marketing and design in Asia, for large agencies in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. 

Japanese and Cambodian art is her passion and this is where she gets her inspiration for her work. 

Sok graduated from the Art Design University in Malaysia with a Bachelor's degree. 

Team Skills
Design Web--90
Design Vector--90
Design Logo--75
Design Mobile App--90


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