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Quoc Nguyen
Senior Full Stack Dev

Quoc Nguyen ist ein Lead und Senior Full-Stack Entwickler, technischer Architekt. Java, Go, PHP Entwickler, spezialisiert auf Drupal, Flutter, DevOps

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Phone : +84982119911
Email :
Java, Go, PHP, Flutter, Drupal, DevOps
University Ho Chi Minh, Computer science BS, 2000
Lead and Senior Full-Stack Developer

Quoc Nguyen is from Ho Chi Minh Vietnam and specializes in the content management framework: Drupal and with the Mobile App Framework Flutter. He has worked for numerous companies in Asia as a technical architect, mainly on Java and Go, PHP and also as DevOps. Drupal was first a hobby for him and now his profession. His strengths are in the backend, developing enterprise solutions, custom Drupal modules and mobile apps. 

Amongst others he worked for the German ERGO insurance company, mapped the whole payment process via REST and JSON-API and provided the Drupal Commerce JSON-API endpoints for the decoupled page builder. He was used as a problem solver and also fixed the last bugs. 

He attended Ho Chi Minh University and graduated with a BS degree in 2000. Since then he worked for different companies.Since 2020, Quoc is now a partner of Eurasia-Lab and is mainly used for very complex developments and as a lead developer. 

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