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Seo & Online Marketing

SEO & SEA Online Marketing in german language

SEO & SEA Online Marketing from an international Team, company based in Europa, Austria.

Online Marketing & SEO to introduce your products or services to a wider audience! We support you in all areas of the internet, from online marketing, social media marketing, ad-words campaigns to the optimization of your website code and optimize the content of your website for search engines. 

Benefit from our many years of SEO experience with CMS systems like Drupal or Wordpress and e-commerce projects. 

Search engines change every few months some search algorithms and try to improve the experience for the searcher. Many factors have to be considered to rank on the first page, yes you read right, on the first page. Almost no one goes to the second and third page on a search query. The goal is to position it at least on the first page with important keywords. You need a well programmed website with clean code, good interesting content and a sophisticated strategy.

The goal is to achieve a good result in search engines in the long term, so it is even more important to develop a sustainable SEO strategy.


SEO Consulting and strategy!

Let us advise you, we analyze your industry, competitors and create personas. Based on this data we plan your optimization or your web presence. Creating good content is an art, this content must be readable for the reader as well as for the search engines, a good readability is achieved with a good structure of the text. In addition to optimizing your website and content, other factors are also crucial, such as is your website linked on other industry related portals, are there social media channels and do they link to your portal and much more.

We develop a well thought-out search engine strategy for you, we define together with you your keywords with which you want to be found and work continuously on a good ranking. 


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