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Sopheap Chheng
Flutter Developer

Unser Flutter Entwickler mit einigen Jahren Erfahrung, er erstellt Mobile Apps von Grund auf und hilft uns bei der Erstellung von API Endpoints mit REST & GraphQL.

Contact Info
Phone: +43 720 971 022
University in Phnom Penh
Flutter Training
Scrum, Agile

Sopheap Chheng come from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, he is our Mobile App developer. He start building Android Apps since 2017, 2 years later 2019 he start with Flutter, one codebase for all Platforms. He work for different Clients and Projects, mostly in Asia. One of his biggest Apps in the Store is the Wing App, to transfer Money easily to any place in Cambodia. 


Sopheap Chheng support us with Mobile App Development with Flutter and with the creation of REST and GraphQL Endpoints for Web or Mobile Apps. 

Team Skills


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