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Workshop & Training

Workshop & Training

Web development Workshop & Training.

Long-time full-stack web, Drupal and Wordpress professionals teach freelancers, students, IT teams or corporate clients in modular workshops from beginner to professional. 


Official Drupal Service & Training Partner

For more than 12 years we are an official service & training partner as part of the great Drupal community. 
We like to share our Know How with others, in numerous company workshops we could provide expertise again and again. 

Specializing in the Drupal content management framework, we teach everything from content administration, SEO, Drupal configuration, site building, to theme, module development, Decoupled Drupal, REST, GraphQL or JSON API. Our Drupal Commerce Workshop is also very popular, we are happy to share our long experience with the development of enterprise Drupal Commerce solutions with you. 

Wordpress Workshops

Wordpress, a brilliant easy to learn and with countless plugins and themes packed CMS. In our workshops you will learn how to properly install and configure Wordpress, how to develop your own themes and modules, about WooCommerce and interfaces like REST. Wordpress is also well suited as a backend system for mobile apps. 


Web development Workshops

In our web development workshop we focus on your needs. Web development is a huge topic in 2021 and it is almost impossible to cover all parts. We divide our web development workshops into frontend and backend, PHP, JS, JS frameworks like Angular, React or Vue.js or PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. We tailor our training plan exactly to your needs. 


Workshop: Mobile App Development with Flutter

In our Flutter Workshop you will learn the advantages of the programming language: Dart. You will learn the "everything is a widget" concept. With a code base you will develop for all major target platforms like IOS, Android, Webapp. We will give you an overview of the extensive libraries with pre-built UI elements. 
The Flutter Workshop is only suitable for Flutter beginners and advanced users. Professional Flutter developers are better off elsewhere. We will help you to get started with Flutter and develop a small app according to your specifications. 


An overview of our workshop modules. 

In a first meeting you give us an overview of your knowledge and we plan a training tailored to your needs.

Drupal Workshop

  • Drupal Content Administration
  • Drupal Installation & Configuration
  • Drupal Site Building with best practice solutions
  • Drupal Theme development
  • Drupal Module development 
  • Drupal Commerce
  • REST, GraphQL and JSON-API
  • Decoupled Drupal Solutions (different Frameworks like Angular, React, Vue or Next.js are possible)
  • Drupal Hosting Deployment solutions & DevOps 


Wordpress Workshop

  • Wordpress Content Administration
  • Wordpress SEO
  • Wordpress Installation, Configuration 
  • Wordpress Theme development
  • Wordpress Plugin development
  • Decoupled solutions
  • WooCommerce
  • Hosting, Deployment, DevOps


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